Our Brands

The Weiss Technik North America brands offer solutions for our customers worldwide. Whatever industry you are in, we provide the most advanced chamber solution for your testing application. Weiss Technik North America consolidates the expertise of three strong brands in the fields of environmental simulation, space simulation systems and thin film deposition technology.

Weiss Technik
Stand the test of time.
Offers a complete portfolio of custom and specialty test chambers that provide solutions for unique testing requirements. With vast experience in custom test chambers, these chambers include walk-in and drive-in testing environments for your exact testing requirements, along with advanced specialty test chambers such as EV and Battery, SHED, Spray & Splash, Corrosion/Salt Spray, Dust test chambers, VOC, EMC, Concrete & Cement, Infrared Systems, Solar/UV, and Dry Rooms for production applications.
Cincinnati Sub-Zero
The Testing Standard.
Provides a wide range of environmental test chambers focused on improving product safety and reliability. CSZ brand offers standard, custom-designed and is an OEM supplier of chambers tailored to meet specific requirements. Chambers range in size from small bench-top to walk-in rooms. The portfolio offers a broad variety of temperature, vibration, humidity, and altitude solutions. Other solutions include HALT/HASS, Stability Chambers, and Industrial Ovens and Freezers.
Vacuum Technology Experts
Offers high-complexity vacuum systems for space simulation and thin film deposition for the Aerospace & Defense industry. Dynavac develops the most advanced high-vacuum technology in the industry. Systems range from small, stand-alone PVD coaters for research and development to large thermal vacuum chambers for testing crewed spacecraft. Dynavac’s specialized engineering team is your trusted resource, supplying solutions for your most demanding applications.